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USA Flat Roofs

flat roofsFlat roofing is an alternative to the many solutions of coverings that can be installed on a commercial or industrial structure in USA. It is a popular choice of roofing that has some advantages, but some disadvantages as well.

A flat roofing design is a popular choice for Alabama commercial and industrial roofing applications because of the lower cost involved. It is much cheaper than a sloped roof design. It also offer usable space for HVAC systems and other systems such as ventilation units. A flat roofing system is also much safer to stand and work on than any other type of roof.

A flat roofing system does have its drawbacks though. The first issue is that a flat roof is more prone to leaks. Since there is no slope, water can gather in one spot and damage the roof over time. This leads into the second problem with a flat roof, maintenance. Ongoing water exposure deteriorates the roof over time, making it more prone to leaks, and more maintence.

There is a solution...spray foam roofing. All of the issues associated with flat roofing can be alleviated by using a foam roofing design.

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